- Scam - Review - Stop Don't Buy

This webpage is here to help you not be scammed by website. The answer is yes website. is a Scam. Sorry to tell you that if you bought something from this site you need to call your credit card ASAP and cancel it. Review this info - They have a paypal account email address of which is from the United Kingdom. The email customer service address is which we have tested and they do not respond to it. The website has a negative trust rating and a F with the BBB. Save your money and do not by on this scam website. STOP and Read all of the Review.

Here is another issue we see and reviewed on the website. The site main page is for hammocks but if you do a google search like this ( you can see all the other webpages the website has and all the pages they are trying to scam people out of money. They have scam golf products, they have scam ski products, they have scam stereo products, scam furniture products and so on.

So in short if your are reading this is a scam website stop do not buy from them. If you have call your credit card and have it cancelled as an unauthorized transaction so you get your money back. Hope this helps and thanks for visiting our website