How To Never Pay Retail For Newspaper & Magazine Advertising

Buying a single ad in a SINGLE newspaper or magazine is an EXPENSIVE way to advertise. What if you could buy “wholesale advertising” in multiple papers and pay a deeply discounted price for your advertising? Well you can.

I almost always go through an ad broker. 99% of the time the rates will be less than if you went to the source directly.

Hot Tip! Look for newspaper and magazine deals that hit your target market and that have some “shelf life”. USA Today has a weekend edition that’s on the newsstands for 3 days instead of just 1 day. Many other papers publish weekly instead of daily. Look them over, then give it a go.

1. Nationwide Advertising - This is by far the best one to use

2. Wolfe Enterprises (Home-based business magazines and USA Today). You can also visit their website at

SCAN – Suburban Classified Advertising Network:

* 950 + suburban newspapers

* Blanket the country with ONE phone call

* Great place to run a proven classified ad

Placing Ads in USA Today!

I almost always place at least 1 classified ad in USA Today when I launch a new Biz Op.

The ONLY time I don’t do this is if I look in USA Today and see that 3 or more people are ALREADY marketing the same opportunity. If I create or have access to a UNIQUE marketing message THAT IS NOT being used in USA Today, even if there are several others promoting the same opportunity, I will place my ad.

There’s also a BIG trick here you need to know. USA Today is ONLY printed Monday-Friday! This means that if you place your ad in the Friday paper, it’ll be sold FOR 3 DAYS! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! It’s like getting 3 days for the price of 1 and the reason I HIGHLY recommend only placing ads for this timeframe.